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Q4. Jesus' Predictions of Death and Resurrection

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Jesus’ enemies heeded his prediction of being raised on the third day because they thought that the disciples were going to take the body and claim that He rose. They didn’t want this deception to go out because it would draw more people to Jesus. His enemies might not have believed that He would rise but neither did his followers.

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I think to a certain degree the pharisees were afraid that what Jesus said about His Resurrection was true and they would look foolish.That is why they made certain the tomb was securely closed.

I believe His followers believed His word. 

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Q4. Why did Jesus' enemies heed his prediction of being raised on the third day even more than his disciples? Did his enemies expect him to rise? Did his followers?

A. Jesus enemies remembered the prophesy of Jesus resurrection but I don't think they believed that He would rise. If they believed, they would not have asked for the grave to be secured by soldiers to prevent His disciples from STEALING the body from the grave.

I think His followers too did not believe until after the resurrection.

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Q4. Why did Jesus' enemies heed His prediction of being raised on the third day even more than His disciples? ANSWER: There are three convincing proofs of the resurrection that the enemies of Christ unwittingly provide. 

  1. First, the disciples weren’t expecting Jesus to be literally raised. And rather than planning such a bold move to take the body, they were hiding in fear that the authorities would be coming after them next.
  2. Secondly, it wasn’t possible for the disciples to steal the body with all the security that had been in place to prevent this from happening.
  3. Thirdly, the lie being told by the guards assumes the impossible, that the guards knew that Jesus’ disciples stole His body while they were all asleep. 

Did His (Jesus) enemies expect Him to rise?

ANSWER: The Jewish leaders were also acutely aware that Jesus had predicted He would be raised on the third day, so they took extra precautions to guard against that possibility. They didn’t believe He would rise from the dead, but they were afraid His disciples might take the body to keep the movement going. So, they asked Pilate to command that the grave be made secure until the third day because they didn’t want nothing to happen that might give anyone the impression that Jesus had fulfilled prophecy by rising from the dead. They didn’t want anyone moving or stealing the body of Christ and then spreading the rumor that he had risen from the dead.

Did His (Jesus) followers expect Him to rise?

ANSWER: The disciples were described as lacking comprehension because they were not able to prevent Jesus being arrested and crucified. Every one of Jesus’ disciples was an unbeliever of His resurrection at one time or another. None of them were expectantly waiting for His return from the dead. Indeed, none of them thought that He would come back to life. Believe today, trust Him, it’s true. Find out what the early followers found; Jesus is alive! It will change your life forever.

Here are four (4) reasons why the disciples doubted the reports of Jesus resurrection.

  1. They Were Too Familiar with His Humanity.
  2. They Were Too Focused on the Natural.
  3. They Didn’t Understand His Mission.
  4. They Were Controlled by Fear.
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If Jesus rose from the dead then people would believe in him. If the resurection were true that would mean Jesus really was the Son of God, the LORD of our lives, 

Some of His enemies believed out of fear there would be something that would happen, others believed the body would be stolen and made to believe there had been a resurrection. They were so deceived. These enemies of Jesus did not want Him to disappear one way or the other for fear He would have even a greater following.

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