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Q4. Psalm 40

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Q4. (Psalm 40:17) In this verse David combines both humility and faith in his prayer to God. Why are both humility and faith necessary? 

  • A heart of humility is a yielding heart to God’s will and way concerning both the circumstance and heart posture, response or non response towards one's enemies. 
  • Faith in God says God, I believe and trust You to handle my life and circumstance, all for my good. 


What happens when one of these qualities is missing?

  • when humility is missing, pride is present, and is the character of the devil, seeking to dethrone God. One who seeks to dethrone God partners with the devil out of fear and lack of faith and becomes a first enemy against his or her own deliverance being sought. 
  • When faith is missing, disbelief in God is present, making God a liar, an act of pride, which Satan constantly seek to perpetuate among the believers against the foundation of truth rooted in Christ Jesus, by the blood and the finished work of redemption on the cross. 
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Knowing my lowly station before God -- I sin constantly, sometimes without awareness – and that my best good deeds and thoughts fall far short of His perfection – makes me want to crawl to Him on my knees and humbly beg for His attention and compassion.

On the other hand, I've been adopted into God’s family and am able to approach Him standing up! In spite of my dirtiness, I can expect Him to help me because of who He is.

These two ways of seeing myself before God are within this psalm. Both are true and appropriate. At times, particularly after I become aware of sins I have committed, my tendency is to grovel before God, tearfully beg for forgiveness, and ask for His help going forward as well as another chance. But when I feel victimized or buffeted by forces out of my control which have nothing to do with my character, my approach to God is less humble and more faithful. I feel confident asking Him to take over these things in my life, to make good out of evil.

I don't think either one of these things can go missing in a Christian's life.


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