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Paul knew the law and had persecuted those who were following Jesus. He wanted to share it with the church so that they would know that they could be forgiven for their sins also. By sharing this the church could know that Paul was being open and that they could follow him.

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The law was designed to show us we are weak and sinful and cannot fulfil it all. Paul is testament to that. He was deceived thinking he was righteous but he was a chief sinner. But God had grace for him. He shares his story with the church because by doing this people can be edified and strengthened and brought back from the false teaching.

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Q1. (1 Timothy 1:3-7) What were some of the results of false doctrine in the church at Ephesus? How does doctrinal controversy hurt the spirit of a church? How does it prevent growth? How does it keep the church from its mission?

1. Paul is commenting on his own life to let the church know that he also was a sinful man and only by God's grace and the help of the Holy Spirit was he able to change.

2. He wanted them to see that he was trying to keep the law, but after he met Jesus, he no longer needed the law.

3. This may help others to see their wrong and the opportunity they have to be forgiven and to turn their lives around.


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Paul is setting the stage for repentance and restoration of the church's spirit. It's as if he were saying "Look at me. I messed up BIG TIME and yet God still chose to bestow grace and mercy on me. He can do it for you too." 

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