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This is too much for my little brain! I think Pastor Ralph is getting at the substitutionary idea of salvation, that His sinlessness abrogated, before God (Himself?) our sinfulness. We have to start with the premise that only Christ was sinless. No other person in history can claim this. Then, we have to see that His sinlessness made Jesus more than “super human” – in actuality He was God because no human can be sinless. Thus, His sinlessness is a proof of his divinity.

I’m sorry but I am unable to understand how human sins were “poured into His soul,” nor do I understand the process by which He took our sins on Himself. I often say these words, but as I think about it, I don’t know what they mean.

 I do know that Christ’s entire purpose for coming to earth was our salvation. Somehow, we can be saved because of Christ’s sinless obedience to God on the cross. It’s not His suffering that saves us but His sinlessness.

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