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Q4. Abraham's Achievements

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Q4. Which of Abraham's achievements inspires you the most? As you reflect on his life, what stands out for you?

His desire to believe God because that is what I want for myself so badly right now. 

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He is just a great inspiration to me. The fact that he left the familiar for the great unknown. 

His immediate obedience, even when it wrenched his heart. Leaving behind his father and whatever was familiar, circumcising the men in his camp, letting go of Ishmael, getting ready to sacrifice Isaac. 

Family loyalty. Even though Lot had been the one to leave his camp and protection, when he was in trouble. He helped. 

After his mistakes, not grovelling in the fact but still believing and trusting God would do the impossible. 

Obedience, loyalty, faith

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Abraham's monotheism seems amazing to me. Surrounded by many gods, knowing the worship of them, having probably worshipped other gods in his youth, he abandons them (perhaps slowly as his understanding grew) for Yahweh. The fact that Yahweh spoke to him in an audible voice was helpful, I'm sure, while the other gods remained silent.

As time goes on and society increasingly turns in a direction contrary to our faith heritage (I'm' speaking as an American), the worship of "other gods" will seem less abstract. We'll be tested, not so much as to give up our faith but to syncretize it with other gods, both theological and circumstantial. For many, money or even sex is a god ... for some, the worship of other gods is literal. Other faiths ... other apostacies will be there.

I pray that God's voice is as clear to us, in the midst of the cacophony of gods, as it was to Abraham, that we worship the one true God in spite of the pulls and temptations of other gods.

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 What stands out to to me the most is Abraham's faithfulness to God. He gave a tenth of what he had to God which shows honor to God and then eventually giving his son Issac. I don't think most people would have done that. I loved his trust and faith in God. It was an uncommon faith a not normal faith in God. It shows that he had alot of respect for who God was and still is. It is very encouraging.

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