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Q23. Humbling Ourselves

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On 12/17/2004 at 3:03 PM, Pastor Ralph said:

Q23. (James 4:6-10) Verses 7-10 contain 10 different commands. Why are these actions so vital? In what way do they go against our nature? Which of these commands is most difficult for you?

They are all so vital because in doing them the Lord delivers us out of our predicament and we draw closer to the Lord and we grow in Him.

 They go against our flesh because flesh wants its own way  We are to put to death the deeds of the flesh by the Holy Spirit living within us.

Resisting the devil because I am not sure it is always the devil. Sometimes I think it is me and then afterward I know it is the devil.

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These actions are vital because I will be turning from my sins and turning to God. I will be taking my relationship to God more serious. I will be able to follow him more closely. The command that is most difficult to me is the “double-minded” one. I seem to be double-minded all the time.

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