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Q5. I Thirst (John 19:28)

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Hi everyone,

Q5. (John 19:28) What do you learn from Jesus' Fifth Word: "I thirst"? What does this tell us about Jesus? What does this tell us about his experience on the cross?

From Jesus' Fifth Word: "I thirst", and according to Hebrews 2:18, I learn that Jesus suffered physically as a human like me. Jesus was tempted, and went through suffering and tests just like me.  
According to John 16:33, in this world, we will have trials and tribulations, but we can overcome, because Jesus was an overcomer. Jesus conquered sin and death; He was victorious, and we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. His experience on the cross tells us that we can bear our cross as well. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. God will leave or forsake; He will be with us until the end. The book of our lives has already been written; we just have to live out every chapter. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. Love you. God bless you. Happy Resurrection!!!  

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TRUTH, THIRST, TRUST in Contemplation 

Truth for some is in Christ the body and blood

for some its the Universal Christ of word in Truth

For others it is the Bible, the Gospel, the Torah, Kabbalah, the Koran, the Vedas,

and for some it is the Science of man!

But what is the Truth?

Truth is something that is alive, something that we are in relationship with, happening in this moment. A literal definition.

I may have my Truth and you may have your Truth, but there is Truth in everything and in everyone.

Therefore what is the singular Truth of Truth?


A thirst that never ends, that always fills and refills

It is the endless quest of one and the final word of another.

It is Jesus's Last Breath ...

“it is finished. I am thirsty.”

My thirst lies in those words

My Truth is born in that finish

I have a resilience deep in me I try to understand ..  it goes far beyond hope and fall short of trust in what is human ... somewhere in that middle point is my truth .. something greater than me exists ... something smaller than me is limited ..  and I comprehend Christ final words:

“it is finished. I am thirsty.”

We are given everything in the physical .. the earth and the known universe exist as our reality ... but in the Spirit we must seek ... not in endless spirals of religious or even scientific narratives ... not in words mortal ... but in faith ... in faith we acknowledge the limit of our truth and the infinite of wisdom.

And that is were my days lie and nights become meaningless... in the Wisdom that my thirst ... is always satisfied .. when I trust the truth of the unlimitedness power of my faith, it reveals all wisdom in one .... God

Seek it in you .. find your truth

Clear it of all your knowledge

And admit you still “THIRST “

a thirst that leaves you satisfied in every answer because it has all the power ever known and still remains unknown

Can you deny such greatness?

Can you deny all its goodness above all else?

Can you see the positive always over rule the negative to persist .. to evolve

Can you THIRST for more in GOOD in GOD

Is there any other choice?

Where ignorance dies .. What is left?

Faith in Truth

GOD’s LOVE is all that THIRST Reveals and its Truth is endless, boundless, infinite

Now rethink Jesus last words

“it is finished. I am thirsty”

Thank you Lord for my thirst!

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It shows me that Jesus was determined to fulfill the scriptures all the way to the end. It was prophetic fulfillment. Jesus was determined to do The Father's will. He didn't get angry. He accepted his destiny and fulfilled it. Jesus shows us what it means to be faithful to God. It tells us that Jesus suffered beyond what anyone can imagine. That Jesus suffering was Very real. That this was not a game he was playing and he suffered beyond what any of us have suffered. It shows us that we to should be determined to finish our race as well

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I see Jesus human nature of when he said "I Thirst," His tongue is stuck upon the roof of his mouth, his lips are parched, waiting for something that will wet his lips so that he can cry out in a shout his victorious last words. "Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit."

Jesus drank the cup of suffering so that you and I can be made whole. One day we who believed in Him will have everlasting life with the King of Kings. He will still be a servant because He will be the one serving us at the "Great Banquet." Amen

Jesus was in obedience to the will of the Father.

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Q5. (John 19:28) What do you learn from Jesus' Fifth Word: "I thirst"?

ANSWER: The words, “I THIRST.” This phrase actually reveals a great deal about Jesus and the nature of His work on our behalf. Word: "I THIRST"? The phrase reminds us again of the incredible physical suffering that Jesus suffered on our behalf. There are three things the phrase, “I THIRST” reveals to us about Jesus.

  1. Jesus suffered Physically: First, that Jesus suffered physically. thirst was a picture of judgment. It was a sign of our broken relationship with God. Of our sin. It was a physical representation of our spiritual dehydration. And our need for salvation. Our need for someone to bear our thirst - curse and give us living water.
  2. Jesus fulfills Scripture: Jesus provides for our thirst. The fact that Jesus fulfills Scripture in His last words should be great encouragement to us. Because, in a sense, Jesus is saying “everything is going to plan.” As as He hangs in agony on the cross, Jesus declares His thirst in the fulfillment of Scripture, reminding us that He is the suffering servant, He is the Lamb of God, He is the One who takes away the sin of the world, and that God’s plan of our salvation is being fulfilled as it was written.
  3. Provision for our Thirst. This is the third thing of Jesus’ statement, “I THIRST,” reveals to us: He is providing what the curse of physical thirst points to: our spiritual thirst! Our broken relationship with God. He does so by becoming thirsty Himself, in our place, even though He perfectly obeyed God’s commands, so that He could give us a “spring of water welling up to eternal life.” In His physical thirst, He is bearing our curse of spiritual thirst by receiving the wrath of God against our sins.

In summary, God’s Word is incredible!! The record of Jesus’ thirst actually reveals a great deal about the One who uttered, “I THIRST.” We’ve seen that it reveals that Jesus Suffered Physically. We’ve seen that it reveals that Jesus Fulfilled Scripture, and we’ve seen that it reveals that Jesus Provided for our Thirst.

What does this tell us about Jesus?

ANSWER: The fifth word, “I THIRST,” is the only time that Jesus speaks of His physical suffering and pain. His thirst is a burning desire to give! His thirst is a desire to pour out love and mercy. A love that is literally dying to pour out upon us from His pierced side. His thirst will not be quenched until we stop rejecting His love and make an act of surrender and trust to receive His love. Christ's thirst was not only physical. It is the agonizing cry of one who is surrounded by blindness, hardness of heart, cruelty. This fifth word is the most human sentiment uttered by Jesus.

Toward the end of His hours on the cross, when the Lord Jesus realized that everything was finished, He said, “I THIRST” (John 19:28). This word indicates that while the Lord Jesus was dying on the cross, He was working. In this regard His death was different from that of any other person. Through His death the Lord did a great work. While this work was taking place, He did not drink anything. The Lord Jesus indicated His thirst and need of a drink because He knew that “all things had now been accomplished.”

Jesus said, “I THIRST,” from the cross because He wanted His lips and throat moistened to utter one final victorious shout before He died. When Jesus then had taken the vinegar, He said, It is finished! And He bowed His head and gave up the spirit.” The death of Jesus Christ finished His work of redemption, atonement, and reconciliation. Our ransom complete, Jesus, with a resounding voice, wanted all people to hear these words, words that still ring strong today: “It is finished!”

What does this tell us about His experience on the cross?

ANSWER: It is a reminder that the Passion is not only a spiritual reality, a cosmic happening. It is a bodily act, the crucifixion of a man's body.

  1. The Nature of Thirst - In His final moments on the Cross, we see Jesus submitting himself to very human, vulnerable feelings of emptiness and need both in body and spirit. He allows Himself to be brought to the pit of all thirst. He feels bodily thirst as He’s pushed to His limits near death. He suffers, He falls, He bleeds, He thirsts.
  2. His Thirst Meets Our Thirst: Even now, Jesus still thirsts for us. He experienced the thirst of all mankind on the Cross—the unique thirst of every human heart who longs to be satisfied and fully known. And in that thirst, he wants to give us living water; the living water of his divine mercy and love.
  3. He Stands at the Door: We must be ready to meet Jesus in His thirst and extend to Him our trust. And we should allow Him to meet us in our thirst with a drink of living water. May we remember the thirst of our Savior for our hearts. In spirit, He is telling us, “No matter what you have done, I love you for your own sake, Come to Me with your misery and your sins, with your troubles and needs, and with all your longing to be loved. I stand at the door of your heart and knock. Open to Me, for I THIRST FOR YOU…”
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Q5. (John 19:28)

What do you learn from Jesus' Fifth Word: "I thirst"?

It was the six hour on the cross, JESUS pushed through HIS fleshly condition full of pain. No cursing, no blaming, no anger. Only to fulfil HIS FATHER's will.

What does this tell us about Jesus?

At this time JESUS was thirst. Thirst like any other human and the willingness to fulfill each prophecy about HIM.  JESUS died in the flesh for us and for our sins.

What does this tell us about his experience on the cross?

JESUS knew the the WORD about the prophecy on HIM, therefor JESUS referred to it again and again. Jesus' action to ask for a drink is deliberately prompted by his knowledge of Scripture and determination to fulfill it.

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