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Q4. Protecting the Poor and Weak

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I think that the reason that we humans tend to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor is because we put the rich and famous in power. The only way that they can show their authority is to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor.


We as Christians can help put people in power that is not willing to do these things. When they happen we can campaign against them and try to get the law overturned. We can donate to organizations that take care of the poor.



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4a)Humans are fallible.Those that plan laws&reforms are often more wealthy themselves&don’t always have upper most a desire to protect the poor&needy, more a desire to balance budgets. Politicians are influenced by the stronger voices in the electorate,those with income,less likely to have registered home required to register to vote.Poorer in society may not have access to education to influence laws.know how to protect themselves. There focus efforts are on surviving each day.The marginalised poor&weak are often overlooked, as not the majority voice, unless their profile is raised by others more fortunate.

b)Christians are Christ ambassadors, we can join campaigns to bring relief to the poor &in need. Speak up for the lost, homeless, slave trafficked etc 

c)A wide variety of things are possible- pray, sponsor a child via Compassion,write to MP, Senator,give food time to food banks, crisis centres,everybody can do something, and it will together make a difference in changing lives for the better.

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I think we humans try to oppress any and all who are "weaker" than we are, that is, those who are poor or needy or diffierent from us, because

1) we see ourselves as superior to them and think that therefore, we should have power and authority over them

2) we do not agape-love them because they are not us

3) we consider them to be evil

4) we consider them to be uncivilized and incapable of becoming civilized

5) we consider them to be stupid and incapable of learning

6) like Ayn  Rand, we think that because they are not wealthy and socially- and politically-powerful, they have no value and exist solely for us to exploit for our benefit and then they are to be destroyed and spit out and replaced with another valueless person

7) we think that we are too superior to do certain demaning jobs; so, we want to restrict certain other people to those jobs so that we can always find someone to do what we think we shouldn't do

9) AND ABOVE ALL, we are afraid that  if we do not control them and keep them in their place, they will rise up and usurp our place either through education and effort or through violent revolts.


I am sorry to say that I think there is only one thing Christians can do to prevent the unjust exploitation and oppression of the needy, the poor, and the different in our communities and countries,  and it can be done only one person at a time.  There is no whole-community or whole-country solution.

     The one thing we can do is to pray intently,share the gospel with individual nonbelievers, and then  diligently and lovingly disciple those who become Christians through intensive and extensive Bible study, teaching them to observe what God actually says in the Bible, to think seriously about it trying to understand it, and then to apply their understanding of the passage to their lives.  Only a true change of heart and mind accompanied by knowledge and understanding of what God teaches us in the Bible will result in the necessary true change in attitude and conduct that will cause each new Christian to stop oppressing others.


Since not all residents of a community or country will become true Christians, since not all who say they are Christians truly are, and since not all true Christians have studied and come to understand God's truth revealed in the Bible and applied it to their lives, the  poor, the needy, and the different will continue to be abused, exploited, and oppressed by some in our community and our nation.

     Christians seeking political office will not be able to end the oppression and injustice written into law since candidates must adapt their beliefs and stands on issues to get sufficient campaign contributions and votes to get  elected.  So,  they  act just like the nonChristian politicians.


There are things a Chrisitian can do to make sure he is not treating others unjustly or taking advance of them.

     If the Christian is a business owner, he can treat all his employees, suppliers, and customers justly and honestly and with agape-love, always doing and seeking good for each one. 

     If the Christian is an employee,  he can

1) treat all his fellow employees honestly, justly, courteously, and with agape-love, whatever their position in the company hierarchy compared to his,

2) not close his eyes to injustice, abuse, or exploitation done by other employees - - - he can speak to the one acting unjustly; he can encourage and support the victim;  he can report the inappropriate behavior to his supervisor or employer - - - even though he will be risking his own job security by doing so.


MOST IMPORTANTLY,  a Christian must always treat another person with agape-love, recognizing that he is valuable since he was created in the image of God and God agape-loves him, even if he is not a Chrisitian.

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I feel that those in power take advantage of those weaker than themselves. They feel that if they take away from those weaker, they make themselves stronger. They are nothing more than bullies. We as Christians need to take a stand against these people. We need to fight against unfair laws. We need to be pro-active. We need to help the poor and weak. We need to step forward and to give them a hands up not just hand outs.

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Q4. (Isaiah 10:1-2) Why do we humans tend to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor? What can we as Christians do to prevent this? What can we do to help the poor and weak in our communities?


We humans tend to pas laws that oppress the weak and the poor because we do not put ourself in their position to consider the emotional and sometimes financial abuse that is caused. As Christians when we are aware of such things happening we should speak out n behalf of those who may not be able to speak out for themselves.  At the same time we should render every assistance to being the basic necessities to them.

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Humans tend to display a false sense of power by oppressing others.

As Christians we can not only spread God's word, but also live our lives as an example of his love and compassion.

Volunteering gives us the opportunity to help the poor with food and shelter and to spread the gift of hope and strength in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Q4. (Isaiah 10:1-2) Why do we humans tend to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor? The weak and the poor often easy pray and unable to defend themselves.

What can we as Christians do to prevent this? We can play our part in ending oppression and poverty, by assisting with financial and spiritual support.

What can we do to help the poor and weak in our communities? In supporting, speaking life and seeking opportunities for the poor and the oppressed. Giving them opportunity to be frre of oppression and financial deprevation.

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Why do we humans tend to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor?
Laws are passed by the rich and elite simply because that can. They don’t value the middle and lower class of people. There’s no fear of TMH, they don’t know His word nor do they care to. An the once’s that do have turned so far away from Him. They no longer have a relationship with Him and feel like they themselves are God.


What can we as Christians do to prevent this? Individually we can help those we see in need. We can pray for our nation and trust that TMH is in control. He knows everything that’s going on and in His time He will rectify the wrong that is being done.

What can we do to help the poor and weak in our communities? Provide food, shelter, prayer and bibles. 

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Christians have BOTH passed laws oppressing the politically weak and voiceless as well as passed laws protecting the weak and voiceless. We have not been entirely good or evil, in politics. I pray Christians, in particular, never TEND to pass evil laws or policies, that is, to pass more unjust than just laws, but instead act as a mitigating forces in the cesspool we call politics. 

We must remember that Christians both enslaved as well as tirelessly worked to end slavery. Christians have both slimed their way up the political ladder and, in the best of times, also used their position to better the lives of others. 

Both are true: Christians have been both a source of goodness and evil in politics.

Suffice it to say that I do not think that fellowship has ever been enough to restrain and correct the evil laws and policies enacted by those who call themselves Christians. Christian pols will only do good they have a sensitivity to the Spirit within them, which is not something we can impose from without. We can, however, do our small bit by being generous with our time toward those who need it. We can tutor the kid in the neighborhood who is failing math, or pick up the garbage cans of the harried young mother whose husband left her with two kids. The most local of good deeds done in His name actually leaven society ... rarely political deeds.

Power makes politics inherently dangerous. Power corrupts, as Lord Acton wrote, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, I suppose, one thing we can do to help the poor and weak is to work toward reducing the power of political leaders. A more democratic and less concentrated distribution of power may suggests, but will never assure, less corruption and evil.


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Why do we humans tend to pass laws that oppress the weak and poor? 

 Unfortunately because they can. The poor often have noone to standup for them. The rich take from the poor for  greed.

What can we as Christians do to prevent this?

 Stand up for and vote against laws that discriminate the poor. Write a congressman. Let the government know we will not put up with this.

What can we do to help the poor and weak in our communities?

 There are many organizations that help the poor after checking out to make sure they really do, you can join them. Donate to them.

 Joining a church that is devoted to helping the people in the neighborhood. Get involved. 

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It seems that we pass the laws in order to protect ourselves in a self-serving manner. For example, we look at laws of immigration to protect from certain individuals who come to intentionally harm us. Just like Ahaz, there is a lack of dependence on God for our situation and we need to do something, to take action which often leads to oppression.

As a believer, we need to be aware of individuals God brings into our life's path to show compassion and not respond in fear.

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