Pentecost Hymns of John and Charles Wesley

Between 1739 and 1745 John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist movement, had written and published many hymns on the Holy Spirit. In 1746 they determined to greatly expand the number of hymns for the Day of Pentecost available to their own people. The results was a book entitled: Hymns of Petition and Thanksgiving for the Promise of the Father (1746). The words are available from Duke University in "Whitsunday Hymns" (1746). The words are also available in Timothy L. Smith, The Pentecost Hymns of John and Charles Wesley (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1982, ISBN 0834107570, 85 pages, paperback), now out of print. Some used copies are available through A few of the words and tunes are available in The Cyber Hymnal (
  1. Again, Thou Spirit of Burning, come
  2. Arm of the Lord, awake, awake
  3. Author of every work divine
  4. Away with our fears
  5. Come then to those who want Thine aid
  6. Come, holy celestial Dove
  7. Eternal Paraclete, descend
  8. Eternal Spirit, come
  9. Father of everlasting grace
  10. Father, admit our lawful claim
  11. Father, glorify Thy Son
  12. Hear all the Savior's cry
  13. Jesus, dear departed Lord
  14. Jesus, God of peace and love
  15. Jesus, Lord, in pity hear us
  16. Jesus, our exalted Head
  17. Jesus, Thy word we dare believe!
  18. Jesus, we hang upon the word
  19. Jesus, we on the word depend
  20. O happy state of grace
  21. O Thou who by Thy blood
  22. Savior and Prince of Peace
  23. Savior, Lord, who at Thy death
  24. Sinners, lift up your hearts
  25. Son of God, for Thee we languish
  26. Spirit of Faith, come down
  27. Spirit of Faith, on Thee we call
  28. Spirit of Grace, we bless Thy name
  29. Spirit of Holiness, and Root
  30. Spirit of Power, 'tis Thine alone
  31. Spirit of Truth, descend
  32. Then the whole earth again shall rest

Timothy L. Smith, The Pentecost Hymns of John and Charles Wesley (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1982, ISBN 0834107570)

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