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Christmas Articles and Stories

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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Christmas Short Stories

Murillo, Holy Family with Small Bird "Joseph's Letter Home," a letter written by Joseph to his mother from Bethlehem telling of Joseph taking Mary to be his wife. Home Life, December 1989; Purpose, December 29, 1991; Visjon (Norwegian) December 1996. Recorded by Derek West, Caleb's Mission, Whitney, Oxfordshire, UK, Oct 2001 (7:19). Read on the BBC and Focus on the Family. Included in The Greatest Christmas Stories of All Time (Standard, 2006, Everything Christmas (WaterBrook Press, 2010), and Jesus Is the Reason for the Season (Summerside Press, 2011). Basis of the video "From Joseph's Quill" (2004, 5 min.; remastered for HD, 2014)

William Morris, The Angel Gabriel, watercolor  

"Glory on -- an Angel's Story," tells the story of the angel's appearance to the shepherds, from the perspective of a young angel. Audio (7:55)

"The Angel Gabriel's Most Sensitive Mission," poignantly describes the angel's mission to announce to Mary that she would bear the Son of God, the Messiah. Audio (6:50)

"God's Shepherd," a short story about one of the original Bethlehem shepherd boys who meets Jesus later in life.

Shepherds by William Hole"Shepherds, Angels, and a Manger," the story of the shepherds outside of Bethlehem and their angel visitation. The Joyful Heart, Dec 20, 1999.

"Old Zechariah's Promise," a short story of Zechariah's angelic visitation in the Temple, and the promise of a son — John the Baptist.

Tissot's Annunciation of Mary "Mary, Servant of the Lord: A Story of the Annunciation," a short story to help you imagine what the annunciation might have been like. For another story on the same topic, see "Virgin Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord" below. The Joyful Heart, Dec 4, 1996.

"Christmas Hardships," a story of the hardships faced by the Holy Family. The Workman Quarterly, Winter 1988.

Magi by Tissot "When Magi Camped in Bethlehem," the story of the Wise Men as told through the eyes of a neighbor woman. Horizons, Dec1995.

Seeking Lodging in Bethlehem, by Tissot "The Innkeeper's Tale," the story of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of the innkeeper. Acorns, December 1993, broadcast over HCJB World Radio in Quito, Ecuador, Christmas 2004 (6:31, mp3). 

Nativity by William Hole"The Cradle," a touching story about Joseph building a cradle for the baby-to-be and then understanding God's cradle, the manger. Purpose, December 21, 1986; Standard, December 14, 1986.

"The Virgin Mary, Handmaid of the Lord," a short story of the announcement of Jesus' birth to Mary.

Christmas Articles

Lord of the Messy Manger

"O, Come, Let Us Adore Him," a Christmas Meditation on the carol, "O, Come All Ye Faithful" (Adeste Fideles), with themes of praise, incarnation, and realization that the Baby in the manger is God himself in human flesh.

"Two Christmas Disciples -- A Study in Contrasts," a meditation that contrasts Zechariah's unbelief and Mary's obedience when confronted by the Angel Gabriel.

"Christmas Disciples -- Simeon and Anna." God "just happens" to prompt his servants in Jerusalem to come at the exact time Joseph and Mary have brought Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. Disciples hear from God.

"Lord of the Messy Manger," a meditation on how our God delights to rescue his people in the midst of their often messy lives. Audio (4:01)

"Good King Wenceslas" by Ethyl Lacombe"Good King Wenceslas" -- Christmas carol with a message. Here's the real story of a Christian monarch and the example he set for us. Audio (5:32)

"Gifts on Our First Christmas," a meditation on giving and receiving gifts. Audio (3:25)

"Fear Not! A Savior Is Born,", a meditation on fear, economic woes, and a Savior. The Joyful Heart, December 18, 2008.

"Who Are You, Little Boy?" a wondering, thoughtful poem that asks the key question of the baby in the manger. (en Español). The Joyful Heart, December 21, 2006.

Choir singing Silent Night"The Story of Silent Night, Stille Nacht," traces "Silent Night" from its author Fr. Joseph Mohr, its composer Franz Gruber, its first performance in Oberndorf, Austria, and the reasons for its popularity. The Joyful Heart, December 21, 2004.

"A Flesh-and-Blood Christmas Miracle," enumerates the various miracles that attended Jesus birth, and focuses on one especially, the miracle of the incarnation. The Joyful Heart, Dec 24, 2000. Broadcast Dec 2004 by Christian Indie Radio  (mp3, 9:37).

Child of Promise: A Prayer for Christmas Morning, a meditation based on Isaiah 9:6-7. December 25, 1998.

Shepherd and lamb in Christmas play"Burlap, Boys, and Christmas"  Why boy shepherds in their burlap costumes communicate the Christmas story much better than girl angels in their white satin. The Joyful Heart,  Dec 23, 1997.

Nast's St. Nick "The Real St. Nick," looks back at the real St. Nick, Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. Evangel, Dec 4, 1988; Message of the Open Bible, Dec 1989.

Thorpe, The Wisemen"Travelers," a brief vignette about the wise men. Point: we too must travel on Christmas to draw near to Jesus. The Pentecostal Messenger, September 1989.

"The Extra Electric Train," a brief Christmas piece focusing on the greatest Gift of the season. Evangel, December 21, 1986.

Christmas gift in a tree "A Gift All Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes."  Troublesome, obligatory gifts at Christmas, contrasted with the often-rejected Gift of the Christ-Child. Evangel, December 13, 1992; Vista Holiness Digest, December 20, 1992.

"Hark, the Herald Angels Sing: The Gospel in Charles Wesley's Christmas Carol." Here's a Bible study based on the Scriptural allusions and references in Wesley's wonderfully rich Christmas carol. The Joyful Heart, Dec 21, 2004.

"A Healthy Cry from the Manger," focuses on the reality of the incarnation, fully man and fully God. Message of the Open Bible, Dec 1992.

"Bum Deal at Christmas?" We complain about our lot, but we didn't face the hardships the Holy Family did.

Christmas presents "The Tyranny of Giving." Tired of the Christmas present-buying frenzy? Look again at the greatest Gift.

"They Call Him Immanuel," a glimpse at the theology of Jesus' title that means, "God with us."

"Emmanuel, God With Us," examines Emmanuel from Mary and Joseph's point of view.

Expositions of Christmas Bible Passages

 Christmas Incarnation — a four-week Advent Bible study series includes:

  1. Mary, The Virgin Mother (Luke 1:26-45)
  2. Joseph, the Stand-In Father (Matthew 1:18-25)
  3. The Shepherds' Sign of the Manger (Luke 2:1-20)
  4. Wise Men and the Christmas Star of Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1-12)

YouTube logo

Christian Incarnation: A Study of Jesus Birth on YouTube, with Dr. Wilson teaching the four lessons in 20- to 25-minute sessions, with pauses for group discussion. 1. Mary; 2. Joseph; 3. Shepherds; 4. Wise Men. The DVD is out of print, but these videos are free for you to use for your class, group, or church via YouTube.

From Luke's Gospel

Expositions in Discipleship Lessons in Luke's Gospel. You can subscribe free to receive these via e-mail weekly or twice-weekly during Advent
  1. Zechariah's Vision in the Temple (1:5-25). Audio (21:50)
  2. The Annunciation to Mary (1:26-38). Audio (11:23)
  3. Mary Visits Elizabeth (1:39-56). Audio (17:28)
  4. Birth of John the Baptist (1:57-80). Audio (22:01)
  5. Jesus' Birth in Bethlehem (2:1-7). Audio (11:41)
  6. Shepherds in Bethlehem (2:8-20). Audio (24:34)
  7. Meeting Simeon and Anna in the Temple (2:21-38). Audio (25:56)
  8. The Boy Jesus at the Temple (2:39-52). Audio (21:34)

"Where's the Line to See Jesus," music video.

Christmas Art & Painting

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