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Building a Stronger Church for Jesus

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

"Church Is a Team Sport," The Assayer, March 1, 2012. Contends that church members need to work together as a team, each according to their own assignment, if we're serious about advancing the Kingdom in our communities.

The Blessing of Giving and Tithing is available on video in Swahili and English.

"The Power of Momentum," The Assayer, June 1, 2010. Momentum = size times speed. We can generate momentum if we're willing to move fast enough — and with momentum we'll attract others to join us.

"A Tiny Portion from the Feast: A Communion Meditation," The Joyful Heart, Issue 38, January 13, 2003. A brief look at the Eucharist, considering the Lord's Supper as a portion from the Feast at Jesus' Last Supper as well as a portion of the Feast in the Kingdom at Jesus' Return.

"Not One of Them Empty-Handed," The Joyful Heart, Issue 28, September 2, 2000. Brief reflections on the industrious nature of summer's harvesters — the ants.

Review: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John C. Maxwell. The Joyful Heart, Issue 14, September 6, 1998.

Does Your Church Run a Spiritual Sweatshop? Here's a message you'll never hear your pastor preach, but one you and other church leaders need to take very seriously. The Joyful Heart, Issue 8, October 27, 1997.

"Why Do People Attend Church?" An article to encourage non-attenders to come back to church.

"Tell Me About Baptism", an American Baptist perspective on baptism by immersion.

"How to Share Your Building without Losing Your Church," Ministries Today, September-October 1987, pp. 50-55. A brief version appeared as "Sharing Your Building without Losing Your Church," in American Baptist Grow by Caring, Fall 1987, p. 2.

"So Pastors Only Work on Sundays?" A discussion of what pastors really do, for laypeople who often just don't know.

"Why People Join a Church in a Non-Joining Age," a rationale for joining the church.

"Rediscovering the Prayer Vigil," Leadership, Winter 1988, pp. 55-56. Reprinted in Alliance Life, September 16, 1992, pp. 26-27, and the Leadership Handbook of Practical Theology (Christianity Today, 1992). A simple plan for a 24-hour prayer vigil in a local congregation.

"How to Spend an Hour in Prayer," companion to "Rediscovering the Prayer Vigil."

"The Value of a Caring Community," Decision, October 1989, pp. 25-26. The importance of the church and church attendance.

"Restarting a Dead Church," The Planter, August 1990, pp. 1-2. Reprinted in Christian Century, July-August 1992, pp. 25-26. Seven steps for restarting a dying or deceased congregation.

"Coming to Grips with Gossip and slander," a study of gossip and slander in the church, and how to curtail it. Also available for reprinting as a 4-page folder.

"Foxes and Hedges," a brief reminder to pastors to maintain hedges around God's flock through prayer.

"Teaching Baby Boomers to Tithe," Leader, July-August 1992, pp. 2-3. A four-Sunday "Tithing Demonstration Sunday" plan which teaches tithing without heavy preaching. (shorter article)

"Tithing Demonstration Sunday," a longer treatment of how our church set up a "Tithing Demonstration Sunday," and raised giving 60% (the first time we did it, only). This includes a whimsical multiple choice test for members designed to teach the principles of tithing.

"What Brand of Church Is This?" An easy-reading explanation of how denominations were formed, and how American Baptists fit into the picture.

"Should Wives Go To Church Without Their Husbands?" The rationale to come to church in spite of him.

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