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Here you'll find lots of Easter materials.

Easter Short Stories

Michael Archangel, Reporting, Joyful Heart, April 8, 2020. A monologue by the Archangel Michael, reporting on the events of Holy Week from the perspective of the Head of Security for the Kingdom. Audio (12:38)

Peter and the Resurrection, Joyful Heart, April 3, 2012. Peter's whipsaw experience of both the crucifixion and the resurrection. Audio (4:50)

Good Friday

The Thief on the Other Cross  

The Thief on the Other Cross: A Monologue, The Joyful Heart, April 2, 2007. How could the penitent thief on the cross have so much faith? This short story considers one option. Audio (6:44)

Behold, the Lamb of God (short story), The Joyful Heart, March 27, 1999; revised March 30, 2023. Explains how Jesus is the "Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." Audio (10:51)

Soldiers view of the tomb, centurion at crucifixionA Soldier's View of the Tomb, The Helping Hand, March-April 1995, pp. 13, 16. Appeared in a Norwegian translation as "En soldats betraktninger om graven," Visjon, Number 3, 1996. The story of the resurrection told through the eyes of the centurion in charge of the crucifixion.

Easter, Resurrection Day

Fra Angelico, detail of Jesus Appearing to the Magdalene, Noli me tangre (1440-41)

Easter Morning after the Storm, a story of Mary Magdalene, The Joyful Heart, February 10, 2007. A retelling of the resurrection story from Mary Magdalene's perspective. Audio (10:36)

Ivanov, Jesus Appears to Mary MagdaleneI Have Seen the Lord, Purpose, April 3, 1988. An Easter story about Mary Magdalene's life and witness to Jesus' resurrection. A Chinese language version of this article is also available (187K Gif image). Audio (11:47)

The Day Peter Ran, a short story of Easter based on John 20:1-9. The Joyful Heart, Issue 13, April 6, 1998.

A Companion Along the Way, Evangel, April 3, 1988, pp. 4-5. A recounting of the Easter story on the road to Emmaus.

Palm Sunday

Fra Angelico, Entry into Jerusalem, Triumphal, Palm Sunday Eyewitness to Palm Sunday, The Joyful Heart, March 20, 2005. Tells the story of the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday from the viewpoint of a boy whose donkey or ass Jesus borrowed to ride on as Messiah and King into Jerusalem. Audio (12:40)

The Lord Needs It. Musings on the donkey that Jesus chose to ride into Jerusalem on Paul Sunday.

Arrest in Gethsemane

Detail of Fra Angelico painting of Malchus in the Garden of GethsemaneMalchus, the Slave Whose Ear Was Cut Off, a Good Friday story that probes the life of the high priest's servant, whose ear was cut off in the Garden — and healed by Jesus.

Galilean Teacher Seen Complicit in Own Execution, Joyful Heart, April 14, 2001. Eyewitness reporter describes Jesus' arrest and shocking words. Audio (8:51)

Post Resurrection

Sheep on a hillsideFeed My Sheep, an Easter story of Jesus appearing to the disciples on the Sea of Galilee following his resurrection. The Joyful Heart, April 8, 2004. Audio (6:29)

Learning Faith from Doubting Thomas, Joyful Heart, April 12, 2003. A short story of St. Thomas's struggle with disbelief, his confession of faith, and his later years as Apostle to India.

Inspiring Resurrection Articles

Easter lenten Holy Week butterfly on an early spring day A Broken Chrysalis, Standard, April 6, 1986, p. 8. A brief Easter piece comparing a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis to Jesus' resurrection.

The Cosmic Significance of the Cross, Joyful Heart, March 25, 2019. Considers what happened in heavenly places when Christ died on the cross, destroying Satan's work and disarming principalities and powers.

Psalm for Easter Morning, Joyful Heart, April 16, 2017. Meditation of the women discovering the open tomb and Christ's resurrection.

The Bold Intimacy of Gethsemane, Joyful Heart, March 19, 2016. Meditation on why Jesus was so deeply troubled at Gethsemane, and what the cross cost Jesus and the Father.

The Amazing Story -- an Easter Meditation. Joyful Heart, March 13, 2013. Reflections on what Easter is really about.

"What Difference Does Easter Make?" Evangel, April 11, 1993, p. 8. Also in Message of the Open Bible, April 1993, p. 20. Contrasting Mary Magdalene's experience of Easter with the current emphasis on Easter bunnies. Portuguese translation.

"Resurrection? Prove It to Me!" International Pentecostal Holiness Advocate, April 1995, pp. 2-3. The evidence for the resurrection, stated briefly.

"The God-Man," Acorns, April 4, 1993, pp. 1-2. Pondering the paradox: if Jesus is God, how could he die? And if he is man, how could he rise?

Easter bunny"Jesus and the Easter Bunny," a call to focus on Jesus at Easter. Portuguese translation.

"The Parable of the Butterfly," a hint of Jesus' resurrection.

"Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?" A look at the word-derivation and content of Easter.

Lenten Bible Study Books

7 Last Words of Christ from the Cross, by Dr. Ralph F. WilsonEaster season Bible studies for classes and groups, sermon and lesson helps for  pastors and teachers in paperback and e-book formats:

Meditations and Devotions for Holy Week

Watching Holy Week Unfold, with 160 paintings by James J. Tissot of the Life and Passion of Christ, Good Friday, and the Resurrection.

Stations of the Cross for Protestants and CatholicsStations of the Cross for Protestants and Catholics can be a helpful devotional exercise on Good Friday.

Easter Artwork

Artwork. Links to some of the best paintings of all time depicting the passion of Jesus Christ.

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Easter Songs and Hymns

Holy Week Bible Expositions

These Bible passages will be a big help to preachers and teachers during the season prior to Easter. These come from studies in the JesusWalk Bible Study Series.

Luke's Gospel

John's Gospel

Lenten Bible Studies

We're offering several Bible studies to prepare you for Resurrection Day.  We recommend you select only one, since they're kind of intensive.

Seven 7 Last Words of Christ Bible StudySeven Last Words of Christ from the Cross is a week-long devotional e-mail Bible study that begins any day you like. It will help prepare your heart to appreciate Christ's sacrifice for you. Sign up today.

Behold, the Lamb of God online Bible studyBehold, the Lamb of God looks at Jesus atonement by means of tracing the theme of the Lamb of God through the Old and New Testaments. Thousands have already taken this series. Sign up today.

Resurrection and Easter FaithResurrection and Easter Faith is a series that looks at resurrection from the dead in the Old Testament prophecy, Jesus' teaching, Jesus' own resurrection, proofs of the resurrection, and the resurrection of believers at the Last Day. Sign up today.

Other Easter Resources

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