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Coast of Ireland, the land St. Patrick won to Christianity

St. Patrick's Life, Prayers, and Legacy with Celtic Prayers

St. Patrick (389-460 AD), missionary to Ireland, is a Christian that all can be proud of, Catholic and Protestant alike. We celebrate his martyrdom on March 17 each year. This section is dedicated to his memory and his spirit of Christ-centered determination to see the knowledge of Christ prevail over the pagan strongholds of his day.

St. PatrickShort Biogra-phies

Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up? Tells the story of St. Patrick's life, what can be known of it, from his abduction by raiders to his conversion of the high king.

Ireland's Church Planter--St. Patrick. A very brief tribute to St. Patrick designed for church bulletins and newsletters.

Authentic from Patrick

The following are generally accepted as authentically from Patrick's pen:

Attributed to Patrick

Much has been attributed to Patrick, but these seem more worthy than most of that distinction:

Other Sites

Other sites relating directly to St. Patrick and Celtic Christianity

Every Earthly Blessing: Rediscovering the Celtic Tradition, by Esther de WaalEvery Earthly Blessing, by Esther de Waal (Morehouse Publishing, 1991, 145 pages). Just what distinguishes Celtic spirituality? This book is a gentle introduction that leads you by hand into a beautiful view of God and nature, generously sprinkled with Celtic prayers and poems.

Other Celtic Prayers

Celtic Stone Crosses

Celtic Stone Crosses fascinate me. Here are links to some of them.


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