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Q4. My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Mark 15:34)

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Q4. (Mark 15:34) What does Jesus' Fourth Word from the cross teach us about faith? About commitment? About love? What effect should this understanding have on our lives?

At this stage in the story of the cross, the ultimate sacrifice becomes clear to the point of one being able to sense that total separation from God that is being experienced.

It is in these moments of separation that Jesus displayed His total and unwavering love for us all and His absolute faith in the Father. It is in this moment that he took on the sins of all mankind with total commitment and suffered separation from His Father. In this moment Christ suffered more pain than all the other physical pain added together up to this point. It is these moments that magnify the purpose for our Lords death on that cross.

We need to understand that it is this total separation from God that is the ultimate sacrifice Christ made on that cross, not just His physical death. In that very moment of separation our saviour paid the price for our sins.

When we fully come to grips with this, we will start to understand the enormity, the sheer magnitude of the sacrifice made for us

Thank you Jesus for enduring the separation from our Father, taking it upon yourself that feeling of absolute loss. This that we may never be separated from our God

I praise you Jesus Amen

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Q4. (Mark 15:34) What does Jesus' Fourth Word from the cross teach us about faith?

It tells us that though He was in agony and the throes of death, He still trusted His Father, and was crying out to Him for help, even as He fulfilled scripture by speaking the words ascribed to Him in Psalm22. His Father's back was turned away from Him because of the sins of the world carried on His body, and yet even in separation from His Father, He knew He was there. This was the first and only time Jesus called His Father, God. Until that point He always called Him Father....He did this so that we can call our God, Father, now that we are engrafted into His family, as believers.

About commitment?

He had been fully committed to going through the crucifixion since the beginning, before Adam and Eve sinned, since He knew they would fall, and stayed there on the cross. He could have called forth legions of Angels to deliver Him, if He'd decided to abort the cross.

About love?

His love is shown in every aspect of His life, death and resurrection. It was all lived, and gone through because of His love for you and me. Jesus endured abandonment and separation from His Father, so that you and I will never experience being forsaken by Him...even for a moment. Whenever I read or recall His Words "I will never, never, never leave you nor forsake, no not ever" (amp.), I think of what that cost my Savior to be able to make that promise to me.

What effect should this understanding have on our lives?

It should transform our understanding of how precious we are as individuals to Him. It should increase our devotion and obedience to Him. His love should be returned to Him every day of our lives and with every free, cleansed breath that we breath!

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Q4: What does Jesus fourth word from the cross teach us about faith? About commitment? About love? What effect should this understanding have in our lives?

It taught us to be stronger in faith no matter how heavy the trials may be; being confident that God is always there to save us through fervent prayers for: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But the Lord delivers him out of them all (Ps. 34::19)...Jesus clearly sets at example even as the Son of God.

We are commited to obey and accept the will of our creator for:"The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and His ears are open to their cry" (Ps. 34:15).

God loves us so much that He offered His only Son to suffer and die on the cross and so it is imperative for us to love back; Is this too hard for the asking?

We are only creations: "God is all we have, in Him should we put our hope" (Lam. 3:24)

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He had to have faith to believe what God said would happen, would happen.

His commitment to the plan of God had to be strong--even knowing the terrors which awaited Him.

His love for the Father & for us poured out from Him to those around Him and to us. His love for us kept Him on the cross to complete God 's plan.

With all this in mind, God, increase our faith; give us strength to stand for You--keep our commitment to you; and most of all, let your love flow through us to others.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me so much that you died for me.

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Q4. (Mark 15:34) What does Jesus' Fourth Word from the cross teach us about faith? About commitment? About love? What effect should this understanding have on our lives?

This fourth word on the cross teaches me on faith that even if I have great faith in God and I go on sinning I will be separated from God . The Father abandoned Jesus because He took upon himself the penalty for our sins. In that excruciating moment, he experienced something far more horrible than physical pain. The beloved Son of God knew what it was like to be rejected by the Father.

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I do understand the word ABANDON as I feel my own children have done this to me...I took them out of an abusive situation and now 1 by 1 they have gone back to their father and foregave him but they don't understand how hard it is for me for them to do this to me.....I ask for forgiveness for them as they do not know what they are doing.....I hope to have a place in paradise but i also hope my children will also....this is happening as they become adults...I would like to know that they understand right from wrong but in my heart i don't believe they do as they have walked right back into the same situation......this is the world i live in day after day....i have been told that i need to foregive my x for what he had done to me but i can't find the right words in my heart to foregive him....Am I wrong to not forgive this person? the fourth word explains that how someone can become seperated from our Lord....I will not let myself ever become seperated from our Lord.....tinab

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Q4. (Mark 15:34) What does Jesus’ Fourth Word from the cross teach us about faith?

when he bore our sins on the cross and had to receive the full force of the Fathers terrible wrath and judgment; for all our sins: the sins He had not committed . He hang there in total agony and felt for the first time totally alone and rejected. Yet he called out to the only one who could save him, who could carry Him through this dreadful but momentary ordeal to the hope He knew was near at the end after fulfilling His task. He trusted in His father even at the most desperate moment and knew ,though for now He had to bear this alone ,soon He would be reunited with His father and looked forward to the end result to keep Him focused and able to get through this dreadful ordeal. Faith well placed upon a trully Good and faithful God never fails even at the darkest most dissmal hour for it is a living, persevering faith .nobody can get through these dark hours without total trust, inspite of the pain, inspite of the utter feeling of rejection and desertion ,Jesus cried out to the one He knew loved Him totally and would never discard Him. But it did not mean that the Feelings He had to endure were any easier to bear. but faith holds on inspite of seeming insurmountable odds.

About commitment? about love?

God chose Jesus before the creation for our benefit 1 peter1:20 . He himself said when the time drew near for His death in John 12:27-28 Now my heart is troubled and what shall I say? Father , save me from this Hour ? No it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name ! all was done to fulfill God's plan for the salvation of His fallen creation and all was to uphold God's glory .Jesus was commited to His task and always set aside His desires to fulfill the Father's will. through all it would take even to the point of dying He stayed commited to his task the salvation of man from his sins and all was done to glorify the Father John 17:1 "Father , the time has come . glorify your Son, that your Son may Glorify you." in the garden before His arrest he was so overcome by the ordeal ahead where for the first time He would have to bear it all alone as He took upon Himself our sin and received full force the Fathers judgment and wrath for sins, offense, still He prayed NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS BE DONE . He knew why he came and to what purpose He was called. but from eternity past, to His life upon this earth, and the rejection of those He had made who were his own yet they refused to accept Him up untill the cross and death He stayed true to His task and loved to the very end.

What effect should this understanding have on our lives? it should totally transform us!!!!!

how can anyone who understands the cost and the great love poured out upon us ungrateful, hostile, totally wicked and perverse people leave us cold and untouched . so much was given for us and we can't begin to even fully appreciate the full benefits we have gained by Jesus suffering and death.......... we owe him everything..... our very lives ,totally and freely surrenderd and submitted to him for obedience that will result in fruit in our lives that will be all to the Glory of God who loved us so extremely and so perfectly even when we did not deserve it. added to this the fact that without the cross we would still be dead in our transgressions unable to save ourselves and doomed to bear for all eternity the penalty for our offenses toward a holy God who offered all that was most precious to save us and offer a new life with all the benefits of being acknowledged as His Children .....am totally awed and grateful and all my life i pray to be able to love Him back and do all He planed for me as He lives in me and transforms me and molds me to be like Him all to the glory of His name . Ilove Him because He first loved me oh how awesome is that..... to be loved and known by God himself.

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I know that Jesus is all man and all divine. But at different times during his life and ministry the man part of His character stands out more than the divine and vice versa. I think this is one of the times I see him more as a man than divine. What that means for my faith is that He chose to feel every bit of the pain. He didn't shy away from the agony of what was happening. He didn't deaden himself to the pain, but he felt every bit of it. And so even knowing everything that was going on both on earth and in heaven, His first and only thought was to cry out to His Heavenly Father. He wasn't crying out to Abba, He was crying out to the only power that could save Him, if they weren't in agreement that this had to happen.

This shows the depths of the committment. I can barely stand to run 30 minutes without wanting to cheat. If the darkness marks the point of no return for HIm, there were still many hours of torture that He could have changed His mind. But he didn't, because He knew what his pain was going to buy. He stuck it out because of His love for all of humanity.

The effect it should have is an understanding of what love really is and a desire to live it out.

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Jesus teaches us that humanity will come to a point like this some time in our lives....even the strongest Christian will get to a low point sometimes, but when we get there, we can still cry out to him and He will hear us.

In those times, we feel like He has forsaken us, but we take consolation in His word that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us, At that time, the human nature of Jesus felt the terror and horror of God turning away not from Him, but from the sins He was carrying, too many of them, too filthy, and only this pain could deal with them. When He cried out to the Father, Hebrews 5:7 tells us that He was heard because of His obedience. When it gets there, the cry of His children will reach His ears, and He will save us. Most times He saves in a way that we do not understand, but He hears and saves. May we be strengthened by the cry of Jesus, and coem to our Father whenever the need arises, becasue He is there for us.

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Jesus human response at it's max. We too can cry out to God the Father asking Him, "Where are You Lord?" It also shows us what it might be like to experience total separation from God. I ask myself, "what am I called to sacrifice today for His amazing love for me?

Can I help those who are in need?

Can I call on the sick?

Can I reach out to someone who is desperately lost and in depression?

What can I do today Lord?

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